Saturday, May 23, 2009


Orders are: open/*closed*
But requests are open!! See the premades section.

Please follow these rules or your order will be deleted!!!!

1. No stealing my graphics.
2. Give me HQ gallery pics like this.
3. I don't code layouts.
4. I don't do Twilight layouts unless your site/blog is HQ.
5. If you order from me, you MUST link/affiliate me... as in ELITE AFFILIATION.
6. If you order from me, at least use my graphic for 2 weeks. If not, I will put you on the wall of shame/black list, and you can never order from me again.
7. To make sure you're paying attention, put disco in the codeword section.
8. No bugging me about your order or anything like that, or else I will terminate it, i.e., NOT GIVE IT TO YOU.
9. I changed my mind. The codeword is sundae.
10. To order your site must be on the web... not necessarily open but on the web.


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  2. Premade Examples: That you've created that I would like my banner to look like 1 2

    Dimensions: 882x456
    Text: Welcome to SelMG-Needs starring Selena Gomez featuring Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, & The Jonas Brothers.

    Selena's picture should be the main attraction. The words Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and Jonas brothers will be actually somewhat layered on top of their photo.

    Selena -
    Demi -
    Miley -
    Jonas -

    Code word: Sundae (:

    Thank you soo much <3

  3. Order--Package.
    I'm not exactly sure how to order one because I've never done this before but I would really appreciate it if you made me one.

    Selena - | |

    Justin Bieber -

    Demi Lovato:

    Jonas -

    Note if I did anything wrong please notify me. Also you say you make layouts as well but don't code them? Exactly what does that mean?

    Code word: Sundae

  4. Name:Faherah
    (something like that)
    I am ordering peresonal website.
    Site Name:Faherah's Blog
    Site Url:
    Welcome Message:Welcome to Faherah's Blog!No Vanessa HUdgens,selena Gomez etc.. Haters Pls!
    Vanessa Hudgens:
    Miley Cyrus:

    Emily Osment:

    Selena Gomez:

    Demi Lovato:



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